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Tradematic Back-End Infrastructure

Core Features:

Portfolio management
Trading, accounts & positions
Multi-broker, multi-market, multi-account trading
Algorithmic trading
150+ technical and statistical indicators
Copy trading
Historical market data + real-time quotes
Backtesting & optimization
Server-side execution with order&risk management
Embedded referral programs
Notifications via SMS, email, messengers
Clients management automation
Online monitoring & analysis
Professional support

Adapters (Trading & Market Data):

FIX (universal)
Interactive Brokers (Stocks, ETFs)
Alpaca (Stocks)
Oanda (Forex)
Bitfinex (Cryptocurrencies)
Binance (Cryptocurrencies)
Poloniex (Cryptocurrencies)
Coinbase Pro (Cryptocurrencies)
HitBTC (Cryptocurrencies)
Kraken (Cryptocurrencies)
Tinkoff Investments (Stocks)
Market Data:
Alpha Vantage (Intraday and EOD)
Yahoo Finance (EOD)
Polygon (Intraday and EOD)

Build with Tradematic Cloud

Visual Strategy Builder + Automated Trading Platform

Investment Portfolios Marketplace

Client Asset Management

Risk Management System

Smart Currency Exchanger

Multi-Broker Account Analytics and Reporting

Chatbot with

Trading Ideas Execution on Social Media/Messengers

Multi-Broker Trading Platform

Live Quotes Widget

News-Based Trading

Web-Based Arbitrage Platform

Portfolio Management App

Copy Trading / Social Trading / PAMM

Educational Trading Desktop Terminal

Market Scanner

Voice Assistant as a Trading Interface

Your Special Case

Mobile Trading

ML-Based Trading Bot

Chatbot as a Trading Interface 

Client Area

Plain-English Strategy Development Compiler

Tradematic API Samples

See how simple it is to use our API-first service.

  • Get trading account info & positions

    import requests
    import json
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Make a REST API call
    resp = requests.get("",
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    # Get all trading accounts
    accounts = json.loads(resp.content)
    # Let's take the first one
    account = accounts[0]
    print("Account name: " + account["account"])
    # Get account value and cash balance
    value = account["value"]
    cash = account["cash"]
    print("Value: {0}  Cash: {1}".format(value, cash))
    # Get account positions
    positions = account["positions"]
    # Let's show them
    for position in positions:
      print("Symbol: {0}  Position size: {1}".format(position["symbol"], position["size"]))
  • Buy portfolio of stocks

    import requests
    import json
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Let's add Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and 3M stocks to our portfolio 
    portfolio = ["AAPL", "FB", "MSFT", "MMM"] 
    # Let's take id of the first of trading account
    resp = requests.get("",
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    accountid = json.loads(resp.content)[0]["accountid"]
    # Now buy the porfolio items, allocating 25% of the account value to each item
    for item in portfolio:
      order = {
        "order": {
          "symbol": item,
          "buy": "BUY",
          "shares": "25%",
          "price": 0,
          "type": "MARKET"
      resp ="{0}/orders".format(accountid),
        data = json.dumps(order),
        headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
  • Create strategy, based on SMA indicator

    import requests
    import json
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Let's find a rule for entry - price is above the SMA
    resp = requests.get("{0}".format("price is above the sma"),
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    entryRule = json.loads(resp.content)[0]
    # Let's find a rule for exit - stop-loss (%)
    resp = requests.get("{0}".format("stop-loss (%)"),
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    exitRule = json.loads(resp.content)[0]
    # Add parameters to the strategy
    strategy = {
      "strategy": {
        "strategytypeid": 4,  # "4" for strategies that use ready-made rules for entry and exit
        "author": "me",
        "name": "My new SMA strategy",
        "description": "Description of my new strategy",
        "symbols": "MSFT,AAPL",
        "marketname": "NASDAQ",
        "timeframe": 15,
        "positionsize": "100000,50",   # initial capital and 50% pos.size
        "content": {
          "rules": {
            "longentry": [
                "id": entryRule["guid"],
                "parameters": ["Close",9,"Red"]   # SMA(Close, 9)
            "longexit": [
                "id": exitRule["guid"],
                "parameters": [5]       # stop-loss 5%
    # Call the API method to create this strategy"",
      data = json.dumps(strategy),
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
  • Backtest strategy on historical data

    import requests
    import json
    import time
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Let's find strategy with name = "SMA-9"
    resp = requests.get("{0}".format("SMA-9"),
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    strategy = json.loads(resp.content)[0]
    # Let's create a new backtesting task with our strategy
    task = {
      "task": {
        "tasktypeid": 0,  # "0" for backtesting
        "strategyid": strategy["strategyid"],
        "isbenchmark": 0
    resp ="",
      data = json.dumps(task),
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    taskid = json.loads(resp.content)["taskid"]
    # Sleep for 1 minute
    # Let's get results of our task
    resp = requests.get("{0}/result2",
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    result = json.loads(resp.content)
    # Get the statistical results of backtesting
    APR = result["apr"];
    drawdown = result["drawdown"]
    # Get the data for the strategy equity curve
    resp = requests.get("{0}/equity",
      headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    equitycurve = json.loads(resp.content)
    for equity in equitycurve:
      print("Date: {0} Equity: {1}".format(equity["timestamp"], equity["equity"]))
  • Launch strategy automatic execution

    import requests
    import json
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Let's take the first of our trading accounts
    resp = requests.get("",
        headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    account = json.loads(resp.content)[0]
    # Now start automatic execution of the "SMA-9" strategy on the account "account"
    startparams = {
      "data": {
        "strategyname": "SMA-9",
        "accountid": account["accountid"]
        data = json.dumps(startparams),
        headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
  • Get account equity chart

    import requests
    import json
    # Replace with the correct API key
    apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    # Make a REST API call
    resp = requests.get("",
        headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    # Let's take the first of our trading accounts
    account = json.loads(resp.content)[0]
    # Get the account snaphshots data
    resp = requests.get("{0}/snapshots".format(account["accountid"]),
        headers = {"X-API-KEY":apikey})
    snapshots = json.loads(resp.content)
    # Let's show them
    for snapshot in snapshots:
        print("Date: {0} Value: {1}".format(snapshot["timestamp"], snapshot["value"]))


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